My roommate

Well.. hi there. I found out about my roommates blog and thought I should introduce myself. I’ve been living with my roommate for almost 2 years now. It wasn’t easy at first. We didn’t know how to accommodate to each others needs, and I was constantly asking KD to shut the curtains and they were constantly ignoring me. When KD saw how much my spirit had begun to wilt though they gave me my own curtain! It’s lovely and warm and lets in just the right amount of light for me.

Now KD gets me and totally gives me my own space because they know how important my personal bubble is to me. We have almost completely compatible sleep schedules too! KD doesn’t like to stay up too late and loves the be up with the sun (although they don’t get up quite as early as I would like). They’re also very cheerful but spend far too much time on the internet in my opinion, we still often watch the big Pigeons on the flat roof together when they can drag themselves away from the screen. The Pigeons are our hilarious neighbors, although I wonder if they’re aware that we can see them when they take baths and if we should tell them.

Overall it’s not bad living together. KD knows how I like to take my drinks and is constantly introducing me to new people. They even let me have my own pet! We named it Cat. Cat the spider. KD even did this wonderful portrait of me! I wonder if I can share it?


That’s all for now! I hope you all have perfectly lighted days!


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