Press the button

Hello me, welcome to WordPress! I hope you’re feeling chatty.

I sure am! But instead of a topic opening, will you accept this example of my creative drive?

IMG_2267 *cough* Ignore the lemons *cough*. This is my itty little coin purse I finished up today. It’s so cute! I made it from the cut offs from a pair of jeans made out of some slightly stretchy material. I hand sewed and cut the whole thing! I hope you like the button, I’ve been saving it for something special. And look!


What a pretty floral lining! *gasp* And it has…


…Multiple pockets! I’m so proud of myself. I never would have had the confidence to go through with this sort of project this time last year! And now look at me. I’m hunting for jobs, I can make telephone calls and make adorable purses! I’m practically a fully functional adult. I even phoned the dentists today.

Now if only I knew how to buy a replacement phone…


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